'Year of Plenty' Round-Up: Mother Nature Network, Beliefnet, Youthworker Journal & More


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Here is a round-up Year of Plenty book items for this week:

Mother Nature Network is featuring an excerpt from Year of Plenty on the front page of their site today. 

Beliefnet has a slide show on "Becoming a Family of Plenty" that shares some of the lessons we learned during our year. 

Youthworker Journal is also running an excerpt from the book.

I'm excited about some upcoming items, including an article in Spokane Coeur d' Alene Livingmagazine (May/June) and a podcast with Chad Crawford at Homebrewed Christianity. Chad works for the Regeneration Project where they are "deepening the connection between ecology and faith" and leading faith communities to engage climate change issues through their Interfaith Power & Light Project. The Examiner has an article about the upcoming book discussion at the Book Parlor on April 28. 

Some other recent items include a great review of YoP at Englewood Review of Books and a feature article at Pacific Northwest Inlander titled, "Faith on a Plate." There's an intriguing review by E.J. Ianelli at the Inlander. I'll be curious to hear more of what E.J. has to say at his Spokane Books Blog in his extended cut version of the review

DownToEarthNW.com: Year of Plenty posts


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