Mother Africa on Fire

Mother Africa on Fire


Central and Western Africa are experiencing a massive wildfire outbreak due in part to drought and our ever challenging climate anomalies. This is not only escalating an intense CO2 plum over Africa, it is also adding to the ongoing predicament of our near term demise as a species. Scientists say “..there’s a significant risk that we’ve already hit “the limit” and that a carbon feedback is underway.” No coverage from major news organizations.!Carbon%20dioxide!Total%20column!00!Global!macc!od!enfo!nrt_fields_ghg!2016021000!!/

Fires, drought, and famine.

President Mugabe, in Zimbabwe, has declared a state of emergency. “More than a quarter of the 13 million population struggled to access food. Many families were reported to have gone more than a week without a meal..” No habitat, no food, no drinkable water, no humans. Interestingly, no media coverage.

An estimated 10 million people in Sudan are at risk of going hungry. 40,000 were identified as potential immediate casualties. Ethiopia is experiencing massive livestock die-off .

(A food emergency — shown in red — emerges in East Africa even as food crises erupt across Central and Southern Africa. Food emergency regions indicated in red on this map are just one level below famine. Image source: Famine Early Warning System.)

We send cheques to save black people in Africa, never asking the question how the richest continent in the world can possibly have even a single impoverished person.

A friend writes: “More people will have cell phones than running water by 2020.”

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