Spokane mayoral candidates forum on sustainability, June 28th

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Sustainable Resources INW (the organization formerly known as SLIP) is hosting a mayoral candidates forum on June 28th from 6-7pm at the Community Building (doors open at 5:30), 35 W. Main. The group is an educational non-profit, started by Susanne Croft, that focuses on sustainable practices because they believe they’ll make the whole community more resilient and our local economy stronger for long run.  Consistent with that focus, this candidates forum will focus on issues of interest and concern to green businesses. 
Croft says "We at Sustainable Resources (formerly SLIP) believe strongly that sustainability isn’t a liberal or a conservative issue – it’s just a better way to run a business, local government or community.   It’s up to the voters to decide which approach to sustainability is the best fit for Spokane, but either way it needs to be part of how we plan for our future.  If you agree that sustainability should be addressed during this year’s local elections, please join us and bring your questions for the future mayor of the City of Spokane! "
One Mayoral candiate, Robert Kroboth, has pledged not to talk to the media or engage in any forums, so there should actually be four candidates there.

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