• Greener Rat Catching

    Rats stir up repulsion in many, but like us, they are just trying to get by. Unfortunately, co-existence in many cases is not an option; but before reaching for rat poison or snap traps, consider some more environmentally friendly alternatives. Read more

  • Friday Quote: A Coal Miner's Son In His Own Words

    Wrapping up this week all things coal related on the blog, I thought it fitting to step back and finish with this from Roger Philpot's A Coal Miner's Son In His Own Words.  Image courtesy of Roger Philpot Black lung Read more

  • Coal Hard Truth forum is tonight!

    We've been getting some excellent coverage of the Coal Hard Truth Forum which is tonight from 5:30-8:00pm at the Lincoln Center, 1316 N. Lincoln Street. NPR/KPBX. The Spovangelist. Spokesman. Center For Justice. Down To Earth. The Associate Press with stories running Read more

  • Gadgets And The Environment

    We’ve gone ga-ga for gadgets, but it’s come at a high price to our hip pocket and to the environment. Green living tips Read more