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You love your Pets and you love the Planet — now you can love both at the same time.

We make it easy to honor the creatures that give you unconditional love while being good to the earth as well. Green Planet Cleaning Services use eco-friendly products because we care for your loving pets.

Pet Friendly Services

  • First of all, our cleaning products are Pet-Friendly!
  • We hire pet-friendly cleaners. We make sure cleaners are comfortable around pets and animals, and preferably own a pet.
  • Our teams, say hi or try to let the pets know they have arrived. They know to be friendly and careful with any dogs, cats, and other animals when cleaning.
  • Upon the first appointment, the client can decide whether or not it is appropriate to let the pet out while we clean the house. Most pets are scared of vacuum cleaners or are not comfortable with new people in their homes. This reduces stress and anxiety on your pet. Once we leave we put them back inside.

If you would like to know more about our pet services, please don’t hesitate to ask us!