Window Shopping on Presidents Day

Window shopping on President’s Day (?)
Consider a Dynamical View:  “R” Stands for Thermal Resistance:   .65 cents of every dollar is spent on the walls (35%), ceiling (25%) and flooring (15%.) in your monthly energy bills.
Borrowed from my professional training texts as a Building Performance Specialist, “Thermal resistance is the temperature difference across a structure when a unit of heat energy flows through it in unit time. In physics, thermal conductivity,  k, is the property of a material reflecting its ability to conduct heat. Thermal conductivity is measured in watts per kelvin-metre (W•K−1•m−1, i.e. W/(K•m). Multiplied by a temperature difference (in kelvins, K) and an area (in square metres, m2), and divided by a thickness (in metres, m), the thermal conductivity predicts the rate of energy loss (in watts, W) through a piece of material.
In the window building industry "thermal conductivity" is expressed as the U-Factor  measures the rate of heat transfer and tells you how well the window insulates. U-factor values generally range from 0.15 to 1.25 and are measured in Btu per hour – square foot – degree Fahrenheit (ie. Btu/h•ft²•°F).  The lower the U-factor, the better the window insulates.”
When adding a room or building a new home consider steps like ~ Framing 24 inches on center rather than 16 inches on center due to the thermal resistance of insulation compared to that of wood framing.  If we minimized the framing lumber, we allowed insulation to occupy a greater percentage of our building shell’s surface area and volume.  Scissor trusses solve the problem of how to insulate a cathedral ceiling while allowing room to ventilate the insulated space.
In the construction of our attached garage/bonus room, We used Blanket (Batt and Roll) Insulation to improve comfort and maximize energy efficiency.  The added value to us was how much quieter it made the room.
I love to hold OPEN HOUSES because it gives me a chance to see market trends as they are developing.  I have a newer Greenstone Home I’m selling and during the last several open houses, I’ve noticed many repeat buyers, Buyers for newer construction, older buyers and foreign buyer and every single one of them value energy efficiency
When asked Why are these concerns motivational, here’s what they said:
Operational cost, Environmental concerns and Occupant health.

Buyers want  VALUE.  Are you articulating Value ??  If your thinking of selling a home, be sure your Listing Realtor is emphasizing the value in comparisons to other homes on the market in your neighborhood. 

Is your home currently for sale:  Look at your marketing material and make sure it reflects the value your home has to showcase to potential Buyers. 

Distinguish your home and the Value it represents to consumers ~ that’s the “Green-Key” difference that will open many more opportunities for you to sell. 

Are you a Buyer ??  Keep expressing yourself.  We are currently working on adding GREENER Search Fields to our Local MLS ~
Our Goal:  We want to make it easier to find the Homes that represent the type of Value you are seeking. 

Have questions or ideas ~ share them with us.  Email:  [email protected] Green Voice of Real Estate posts


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