Why Flame-Resistant Pajamas May Not Be the Best Choice for Baby

I always know the weather is getting colder around the country when my email inbox fills with questions on safe pajamas for young’uns. This week I got a Facebook message from someone I knew in high school (“I’m so curious to know what you think about flame resistant sleepwear. Hope you’re well! Xo”) and an email from a mom who has a son in my daughter’s preschool class (just wondering… what is the harm in the clothing that is treated. i am assuming that the chemicals that are used are considered harmful to children???? grandma just got pajamas and they say “flame resistant” on them.) So I knew it was time to write a pj post. Luckily my co-author on The Complete Organic Pregnancy, Deirdre Dolan, tackled the chemical side of the topic last September. So my post will be mainly how to….


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