Welcoming a Brighter Future — Beyond Fear

Welcoming a Brighter Future — Beyond Fear

The news is breeding more fear, worry and even terror in many of us. Places and activities that we thought were safe seem less so now. All of this simply adds to the everyday and longstanding worries, concerns and anxieties that are already plaguing our busy lives. Plus, this can really dampens our holiday spirit.

In my recent post “Releasing the Power of Love” I shared a process you can use to help you and your friends and relatives to turn anger, stress and anxiety into love. This post takes letting go further by giving you a technique you can use to help yourself and those you care about find freedom from fear.

Fear can be an insidious emotion. It often freezes us preventing us from doing that which is in our highest and best good. It also makes us more vulnerable to those who would do us harm.

Fear also tells us to expect the very thing that we don’t want to happen.

Here’s a simple example. As a parent we often worry about the well-being of our children, which is quite natural. However, we often don’t stop to examine what we are holding in mind or picturing when we are worrying. It is often the exact opposite of what we would really like to happen. When we let go of worry as a parent we find better ways to help guide our children into safer actions that they are more likely to follow.

On a more global scale, with all the terrorism and mass shootings that are going on we are debating what to do about guns. We do this without realizing that whether we believe that the solution is more guns in the right hands or less guns in the wrong hands, we are still picturing or anticipating more gun violence. Yet if we could let go of the expectations that come from our fears we could start seeing ways to bring about brighter future free of this kind of violence.

This is not to say that we shouldn’t do our best to protect ourselves from those who mean us harm. This is just a way that we can live with more freedom from fear — embracing our courageousness and inner strengths. As we do this we are more likely to find mutual, long-lasting solutions to our fear-based problems.

The following process is designed to help you to let go of the fear and anxiety that is causing you to expect the worst and welcome at least the possibility of something more positive. You can do this with yourself and, especially now, you can do this process with everyone you care about.

As you simply ask yourself or ask your friends, relatives and clients these questions with an open mind and heart, you will find that fear naturally drops away. You will find that you both feel lighter, happier, safer and more able to see positive outcomes.

Do your best to answer the following questions with a “yes.” If it feels like a tentative yes, keep asking. You will find the resistance drops with each asking.

  1. Could you allow yourself to welcome or allow any anxiety or fear you are feeling in this moment and notice the expectation behind your fear?
  2. Could you let that expectation go best you can?
  3. Could you allow at least the possibility of a brighter more positive outcome as best you can?

Please watch this video as I explain this further and guide you through this process.

Each time you go through these questions, you will begin to feel your fear and tension dissolve. This will open you to your inner power and strength. This will help you to tap your clear reason and intuitive knowingness to support you in feeling safe and taking more courageous and appropriate actions.

To do this as a peer-to-peer partnership release what you do is you simply ask your releasing partner these three questions and then allow them to ask you these same three questions. Make sure to go at a pace that works with your partner. As you keep going back and forth you will be supporting each other in clarity of mind and heart and freedom from stress, tension and anxiety.

I recommend you do this process, not just with yourself, but with everyone that you know who is willing to be freer of fear. You can do this with family and friends, with circles at work, in organizations you belong to. You can use this process, to feel safer and more alive and to create a strong loving community for yourself and a safer world for us all.

Please watch this video to see how to best release with a partner.

Please pass this on, invite others to participate in this process and share below.



This post is based on the principles explored in his New York Times bestselling book The Sedona Method; Your Key to Lasting Happiness, Success and Emotional Wellbeing, in his retreats, in Release-A-Day and in Letting Go: The Sedona Method Movie. It is based on over three decades of experience with a simple, powerful, elegant and easy-to-learn technique that shows you how to tap your natural ability to let go instantaneously of any uncomfortable or unwanted feeling, thought or belief. For more information, visit www.Sedona.com.


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