Uncertain weather conditions pushes up attendees numbers this weekend

Uncertain weather conditions pushes up attendees numbers this weekend at the Beautiful Spokane Convention Center for the Home and Garden Show.  

The Venue is Well-Lite and Well-Organized. Perfect for a good inside walk!
We had fun filling our tote bag with new product brochures, informational fliers and “coupon” specials featuring show discounts.
It’s an informational PEP-Rally encouraging us to get hyped-up for the work ahead!
~Springing from dormant to back-to-life.~
The elaborate displays help us visualize and consider incorporating new and exciting environments we can create to enjoy at home.
We did pick-up on some new developing trends  ~ 
Creative concrete has a distinct fashion appeal.
Heat Pumps provide cost effective savings.
Geo-thermal is an interesting consideration and Skylight tubes add light to homes naturally.
We sure had fun ~ hope you had a chance to get off the couch and go downtown.
If you did ~ what caught your eye?   Make your comments now!

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