Top 5 National Parks Features

It’s National Parks Week on Planet Green, and we’re celebrating! Take a look at our top online features exploring the splendor of our nation’s natural majesty, then tune in April 23 – 27 on TV for a fantastic programming lineup capturing the preserved wilds of our country. Help us preserve the national parks through the National Park Foundation, the official charity of America’s national parks: check out

Top 5 National Parks Features

1. 9 Most Picturesque National Parks from East to West (SLIDESHOW)

2. Are You a National Parks Wiz? (QUIZ)

3. 10 Best National Parks for Hiking

4. 10 National Parks Boasting Exotic Wildlife

5. 5 Ways You Can Support National Parks Now

The programming line-up for NATIONAL PARK WEEK is as follows (all times are 8-9pm E/P):

Fearless Planet: Grand Canyon – Monday, April 23
Following the life story of the Grand Canyon – from the moment of its birth to a painstaking period of growth over billions of years, and through the dramatic events that created this massive and breathtaking landscape – viewers get a rare look at how this powerful sight came to be.

National Parks: Extreme Maintenance – Tuesday, April 24
There’s more to national parks than wilderness. This one-hour special explores another side of frontier activity happening behind the scenes as the National Park Service preserves and protects in ways you wouldn’t expect.

Secrets of Hawaii’s National Parks – Wednesday, April 25
Hawaii is the epitome of an island oasis that every American dreams of. With lush land of astounding contrasts and ongoing creation, from pools of paradise to black sand beaches, viewers will be whisked away on a romantic ride.

Wonders of the National Parks – Thursday, April 26
From the world’s largest concentration of natural arches and a grand tapestry of canyons to the ongoing pyrotechnics of a volcano, a grizzly gathering and an international biosphere reserve, these definitive wonders are too awe-inspiring to miss.

Secrets of Denali National Park – Friday, April 27
We’ll uncover a back country Mecca for all who seek solitude and vast open tundra where wildlife roam free. Adventures include rappelling from the icy edge of a glacial crevasse to reveal a glorious frontier.

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