The Snobbish Wine Guest Switcheroo and Other Cheapskate Wine Tips

As you might have heard, it’s a controversial element the NCPP (“National Cheapskate Profiling Program“). Many, but not all, cheapskates like me love box wine.

In fact, I’m fond of “recanting”—as opposed to “decanting”—the wine I serve our dinner guests. “Recanting: Secretly funneling inexpensive box wines into empty, premium brand bottles kept on hand for the express purpose of impressing guests who care about such superficial stuff.”

I’ve done this for years, and no one has ever questioned the authenticity of the wine I serve. Not even wine snobs have enough confidence in their taste buds to question what the label on the fancy bottle is telling them. If you don’t believe me, this study by the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the California Institute of Technology essentially proved the same thing.

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Not only is box wine a terrific value when it comes to saving money, but there’s more and more research showing that—compared to most bottled wines—it’s saving Mother Nature, too. According to the American Association of Wine Economists and other industry sources, boxed wine (a.k.a. “bag-in-box” packaging) decreases landfill waste by roughly 85 percent and is more than 50 percent more carbon efficient when compared to wine packaged in traditional glass bottles. article feed


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