Spokane's Home Front reports ~ Good Vibes

Stumbling upon this today thought I'd share some Good NEWS for the Home Front!
According to Forbes ~ Spokane, Washington is 5th on the LIST.
Rating high as one of the FEW but Proud Recession-Proof Cities

Median home price: $ 148,800

Second Quarter 2011 Price Increase: 6.6%
First Quarter 2011 Price Increase: 1.9%
Utilizing  data ~ Zillow.com has reported that out of 154 metro areas Spokane, Washington finishes in the TOP 10 as #5 out of the top 25 areas showing a steady rise in home prices since the beginning of 2011!
WIIFY:  (What’s in it for YOU) ~ Good News on the HOME FRONT!
If you have a reliable job and have paid your bills on-time and not “taken-on, more than you can handle” ~ your debt to income ratio.  This is “THE Window of Opportunity”to invest in owning Real Estate.  Either as a primary home, second recreational home or investment home.  Consider the current market condition ~ your gift of time and take Action.
Considering the GREEN Side of this Story ~ many properties currently on the market have been improved with money saving features to help in the overall affordability of the home: Better Performing Insulation, Energy Efficient Windows, Waste-Proofing ~Thermal Sealing, Higher efficiency Heating and Cooling Appliances. 
When was the last time you talked with your favorite local Realtor?
Might be a good time to check in with them to see what they can do for you.
Thanks for the Good Vibes ~ Zillow.com and Forbes!

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