Slow Food, Slow Money, Now Slow Biking


image from 2.bp.blogspot.comThe SFGate has the story on what some people are calling the "Slow Bike Movement." The gist of the trend is that instead of getting suited up in spandex, leaning over your aerodynamic racing bike, and starting the day covered in sweat more bike commuters are taking their time, choosing upright handlebars, and wearing their work clothes.

Slow riding means not arriving at work sweaty or worrying about wearing specific bike-riding shoes or any of the other wardrobe-related concerns that plague would-be commuters. Being a Slow Bike Rider may mean being left behind by the pack of spandex-wearing cyclists in the mornings, but it also means getting to know more about the rest of your community.

"I actually like interacting with the people in my city," Logan says. "And when you're riding slowly, that tends to happen more often."

This is a wonderful development for people like me who have always been slow bikers. Whereas before I was just uncool, with my Clarks and dress slacks biking to work, now I'm part of a cutting edge movement. I still get sweaty though, and it's hard to avoid that weird wind swept odor. It's been awhile since I biked to work but this has inspired me. Year of Plenty posts


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