Showcase of Green Homes, June 18th – 27th, 2010

I was invited to attend a marketing meeting for the Spokane Homebuilders Association yesterday which focused on the upcoming:  Showcase of Green Homes, June 18th – 29th, in the River District, Liberty Lake, WA.

The Showcase is going to feature 6 Built Green Homes.  The Spokane Homebuilders Association is a trade association established to provide a unified voice for the building industry.  (SHBA) as you frequently hear it referred to has over 1,000 members reflecting all sectors of the building trades.  SHBA exists to promote and protect the viability of the building industry by serving its members who strive to meet the housing needs of all Americans.

  • Building Codes in Washington have changed, requiring Builders to meet higher standards for Sustainability and Energy Conservation.  Built Green Homes are a “Step Above” the minimum baseline.  Built Green is a residential green building certification program.  It provides a framework by which to measure the level of “green” in a home through the use of a Built Green checklist. 
  • Energy Efficiency is a part of the Built Green Certification program, which means the 6 homes featured in the showcase have the recognition as an Energy Star Certified Home.
  • Health and Indoor Air Quality, Building Materials Efficiency, Advanced Systems and Products are all combined to provide Consumers with a Showcase of homes to learn about for a new way of looking at things as the Building industry “Steps Up” their abilities to provide housing to meet the needs of all Americans. 

As Spokane’s GREEN Voice of Real Estate and a longtime GREEN Enthusiast, I encourage you to tour the showcase of Green Homes.  We’ve all enjoyed the Fall Festival of Homes, going to pick up new decorating ideas, see new designs and such….going to the Showcase of Green Homes is just another way to pick up good new ideas and see new designs.  Washington State is ranked as one of the GREENEST States in the nation and Spokane’s Moto:  ”Near Nature, near Perfect” refects our deep appreciation and respect for our environment.  Take the time to see what the Spokane Home Builders are doing to ensure new home construction is “Stepping Up” to going GREEN in our area.

Easy driving directions from Downtown Spokane, take I-90 East to Barker Rd. Exit, go North on Barker Rd. to Mission, go East on Mission to Holl, go North on Holl, follow along the row of new housing by Greenstone Homes.  Be sure to look for the posted signs for directions to parking and event entrance.

By the way:  I understand that there are a few vendor booths still available.  Please contact the Spokane Homebuilders or myself for the details.  I happened to have picked up a registration form and would be happy to fax or email to you.  Give me a call:  509-869-2686 or email your request to:  [email protected] Green Voice of Real Estate posts


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