SF Seeking Hobby

Bucket List #1: Get a hobby

Is there a place on Craigslist where I can post my ad? Single female seeking hobby to fulfill life. Unmarried, young, professional female who can’t seem to find and stick with any hobby for more than a week.

Originally this bucket list item was going to be all about my journey for the perfect hobby that I would love and finally find my “thing” that I do when I’m not sitting at a desk for nine hours a day or sleeping. My only rule was that it couldn’t be drinking, but that didn’t mean it couldn’t include drinking.

Duration: 3 hours

After going to Painting with a Twist, I thought, “Hey, I could get into this.” Which was in reality the wine talking because I have absolutely no painting talent what so ever. Painting is one of those things that looks so easy, and is actually nearly impossible to recreate whatever image you have in your head-unless you are actually an artist. I have friends who went to art school and you can give them a canvas and brown paint and they will make you a rainbow. You can give me all the colors of the rainbow, and I will give you a brown painting.

So I ignored all prior knowledge of being aware that I am a terrible artist, and decided to buy a starter kit of acrylic paint, brushes and canvases. These have since ended up in the back of my closet, which is like the crisper drawer in my fridge, where all of my good intentions go to die.

Duration: 2 days, 2 attempts

I have always been intrigued by knitting. People claim it is a stress management hobby and to be honest, anyone I’ve seen knitting looks calmer than I have ever been in my life. So when I found out a friend of mine knits I urged her to teach me.

We decided we would make a girls night of it with dinner and then knitting lessons after. However, 4 glasses of wine later I probably wasn’t in the most teachable condition to learn knitting, but I gave it a shot.

Total disaster.

So I tried again the next day, sober this time, still horrible. I don’t have the patience for this kind of dedication. Next.

2 weeks

The thing about coupons is you have to put A LOT of time and effort into it. To find the good deals, collect the right coupons, go buy the newspapers that offer them. All I did was end up with a bunch of coupons for stuff I really didn’t need. For example, I bought 6 cans of cat food for 27 cents…

I don’t have a cat.


Duration: 1 month

All plants need is water and sunlight to survive, yet I manage to kill everything I touch. This is why I do not have a pet.

Duration: Ongoing

This one is a little complicated. You see, I already LOVE thrift shopping thanks to my best friend who runs The Thrifty Yinzer blog. However, I wanted to turn it into a productive hobby like being able to sell back good finds on Ebay or refurbish furniture and then sell that. I actually really love to paint furniture and give it a whole new look, since this takes little to no artistic talent. However, is it really a hobby if you’re just doing all this and keeping everything?

I think that is just called shopping, and it doesn’t count.

So if anyone has any suggestions for me, I’m all ears. Until then, I’ll finish this bottle of wine and binge watch Netflix. That’s close enough, right?

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