Save You and Your Boss Some Money5 Tips for Going Green at Work

1. Bring your lunch
Pack good food (organic/local is preferable) in reusable containers (glass and stainless steel are preferable). Beyond contributing so much less to the already overwhelmed landfills, you will save money and your health. Don’t forget to pack a (stainless steel) bottle of water, real utensils, and a cloth napkin. If you prefer to eat take out, try bringing reusable containers with you for your over-the-counter soup or salad or more.

2. Get involved
If your management isn’t interested in making overall changes, you can still bring in a green cleaner for your desk, or put a bottle of eco dish detergent in the break room. Bring your own plate/cup/mug/bowl/utensils and store them in a desk drawer. People will notice and it might start a (good) trend. Start a green committee and together you can all advocate for going greener by doing gestures that will get people talking. Start a compost. If your company travels a lot, suggest people use a hybrid car service to get to the airport. Find an electronic waste recycling event and help facilitate the office to bring old stuff there. Put signs on office doors and bathroom doors reminding people to recycle and to shut off their computers at the end of the day…. blog post feed


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