Running The Gauntlet And Recovering A Lost River

On Tuesday at 12:30 on KYRS, Bart Mihailovich and I will interview Jim Norton and Steve Hawley. Norton is responsible for a new PBS documentary Salmon: Running the Gauntlet and Hawley, journalist and author of the recently published Recovering a Lost River:  Removing Dams, Rewilding Salmon, Revitalizing Communities.  Jim and Steven will discuss their works and the current state of wild salmon in the Columbia and Snake Rivers.

The recent release film and book is well-timed.  A judge is expected to rule this spring on whether the Obama Administration’s proposed salmon recovery efforts meet law and science, or whether more needs to be done to save a species so important to the Northwest’s culture, economy, and way of life.

Wednesday, May 4th, 7 pm
Caterina Winery
905 N Washington Street
Spokane WA Down To Earth posts


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