~Learn all about: Drought Tolerant Yards

 Hi Everyone,
Laurie Jackson, Water Stewardship Coordinator, City of Spokane Environmental Programs…….Wanted me to pass along the following invitation:
Teya Kuhle will be presenting “Beautiful Realistic Drought Tolerant Yards” at the downtown Public Library at noon, May 20th. 
Bring your lunch to room 1-A just to the left of the main entrance for this free one hour presentation. 
Teya is a Landscape Designer for Pacific Garden and Design, and an instructor of irrigation and landscaping at SCC.
~ Sounds like fun…. should be a great way to get ideas on ways to save money
while making beautiful improvements to your outdoor environment. 
If you attend this event and want to let us know what you thought about it
and share some of the ideas…please do so.  Thanks in advance.

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