Last Minute GREEN Home Christmas Gifts

Top 10 Last minute Christmas Gift’s ~

10. Low-Flow Toilet. Many of us put off changing out our old leaky toilets all year long. This is a perfect last minute gift and takes maybe an Hour to Change out and cost less than $ 140.00. Funny under the tree!

9. Under-the-Sink Water Filtration System. Many of us buy the bottled water . It’s just easier to grab a bottle ~ I get it! A great last minute gift for Christmas. It’s less than $ 200 bucks and easily mounts under most kitchen sinks neatly and provides an instant refill of fresh drinking water to refill our convenient plastics bottles!

8. CFL 6-Pack. Very inexpensive and makes a great last minute gift that keeps saving money all year long!

7. LED Light Bar. Modern and Cool lighting make great last minute gifts to open on Christmas morning. Prices range from $ 150-250 and are easy to install. You’ll give a new look and promote energy conservation.

6. Shower-Timers. Fun gift for the kids. Promotes water conservation with awareness to time and usage. Under $ 50 bucks. Great stocking stuffers too!

5. New Dryer Vents. Sounds silly but this last minute gift could save a life. Dryer fires are problems so giving the gift of a new vent might encourage maintenance and help prevent a fire. Under $ 50 bucks and easy to replace.

4. Bio-degradable Cleaning Supplies. Every home uses cleaning supplies so a last minute gift of more Earth and People friendly cleaning supply box would be really appreciated. Under $ 50 bucks and you’ve given them a gift that keeps cleaning.

3. Digital Thermostat. Comfort all year long with controlled settings help save energy and the cost of prematurely having to replace heating and cooling systems due to overuse or poor use. Cost is Under $ 100 bucks and is easy to install.

2. Energy Assessments are Cheap and available through your local utility company or small businesses in your area. Check the internet and give a gift card for a Home Energy Audit. No obligation for further expense but will provide good information to help save money in the new year. Most audits are Under $ 150 bucks. Buy your Gift Card for Friends and Family Today ~ Be creative in your presentation under the Tree for an awesome last minute Christmas Gift.

1. Windows, Doors and Insulation help keep a home warm in winter and cool in summer. Many local businesses have gift cards available.

A $ 200 gift card can go along way to help a loved one have a comfortable more affordable home.

 *Merry Christmas Spokane!

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