Help shape Spokane's Pedestrian Master Plan

As I mentioned last week, the City of Spokane is beginning a Pedestrian Master Plan. The Plan will help to increase pedestrian safety and mobility, support a multimodal transportation system, and provide guidance on the best use of resources to implement pedestrian initiatives. You can review the project materials to learn what the project has accomplished. You can find out how to get involved in upcoming meetings and events. You can also planning staff what you think by sending in your comments and questions.

Your feeback is important. Do you want to see a pedestrian network emphasizing safe routes to school and connections to transit with routes that include streets, walkways, and trails that connect schools, libraries, parks, neighborhoods, and commercial areas throughout the City? I do.

Read below from Spokane Planning.


Capturing and understanding the comments and desires of the community assist City staff in building a plan that is a marriage of community desires and environmental and budget realities. This feedback will provide the information needed to prioritize our projects for the near and long term. Please take a moment to complete this questionnaireget your voice heard. Once complete, just click on the “submit” button or mail it to the address at the bottom of this page and your answers will be included in our collection of information.

Fill out the questionnaire here. Down To Earth posts


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