Hello Spring, Good Bye … Mold!

~Hello Spring, good bye…Mold!    
Spring is a great time to look for and address any MOLD problems that might need your attention! Most of us this time of year…love to open the windows in our homes and do some Spring Cleaning!
             ….refreshing the inside of our homes with cool spring time air.  AHHH…

On beautiful days like today, where the outside temperature is in the mid 60’s to low 70’s…..pull up those window blinds or open the drapes (maybe even open up the basement windows that you’ve put shrink wrap on to winterize and let the fresh air circulate in your home.  When you open up those windows and enclosed areas….don’t be surprised if you find MOLD.  Most of us know what it looks like…black in color usually with a fuzzy sort of texture.  If you are highly sensitive to Mold….or if you find areas around your home (in your attic) etc….and are concerned, you should contact a local mold mitigation specialist to come out to your home and address your concerns to resolve the problems professionally.  Every year around this time…. during listing appointments and Buyer showings, I find mold in homes.  Oh…remember to move furniture that you’ve had smack up against walls and corners…the moisture in our homes during the winter can cause Mold to grow on those walls where its got the ingredients it needs to grow….dark, cool and moist areas. 
I know several of my clients this year who have plans to get out and around their homes to check for and correct any mold situations that might have developed…..so, don’t procrastinate, take advantage of our great spring time weather…and go find those problem areas.  Additional locations of your home to look for mold this spring; basement window wells, foundations areas where moisture might be present, dark sections of your garage and crawl spaces. Be sure to look around your roof for evidence of mold or moisture…this is a great time of year to address any wood rot and correct those problem areas. 

~ Be sure to seek the advice of a Professional, we have terrific local companies that have the time and the training to help you this Spring!
~There are natural cleaners that you can use instead of using harsh abrasive toxic chemicals.  Check with local stores to find just the right natural cleaners that will do the best job for you and your family….!  :}

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