Harnessing the Suns Energy in Spokane, Washington

Harnessing the Energy of the Sun! 


Calling all:  “Children of the Sun” … OUTDoors for a tour of OPEN DOORS!


 2nd Annual GREEN+Solar Home & Landscape Tour/Information Fair.


Date:  This Sunday, September 12th, 2010   


Time:  11am – 4pm


Where:  Multiple tour Sites throughout Spokane County.


More than 300+ tour-goers attended last year’s event!


The Word, Spokane is Native American and means: Children of the Sun.


Did you know that; Harnessing the Suns Energy in Spokane, Washington will save you money on your monthly utility bill?  Currently Residents that have installed Solar Panels experience significant reductions on their monthly utility bill.  The energy not consumed by their home is SOLD Back to the utility company helping to offset whatever bill they do owe each month and shortens the pay-back time on the upfront installation costs.


Did you know that; Up to 30% + of the installation cost is paid for by Government Incentives?  Don’t forget about the added bonus of TAX Advantages for installing solar panels. 


Come SEE & Experience first-hand:  New Home Projects, Remodel Projects, and Explore Sustainable Design Styles and discuss improved Lifestyle Choices!  Get first-hand, cutting-edge construction strategies from Home Owners and Contractors. 


Did you know that; Spokane averages 260 Days of SUNSHINE a year?


~Want to discover for yourself how much energy you’re not harnessing, go to this fun website to learn more:  http://www.solar-estimate.org


**I will be available at one of the sites on Tour Sunday for a meet & greet plus be giving away FREE CFL Light Bulbs & Eco-Friendly tote bags from DTE. 


See you This Sunday!    Need more information, Text me; 509-869-2686.



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