Gulf residents march 1,200 miles to congress

Almost one year after the BP spill and residents in the gulf are still dealing with the effects, their concerns ignored – all the while politicians fight for more drilling.  Now, a courageous group of residents and activists walked from Louisiana for Washington to protest the government inaction on the Road To Washington.

They arrived in D.C. yesterday and are calling for a meeting with the President. When corporations hold so much more power than ordinary folks like these, it's a strong reminder of the power of activist and grassroot efforts.

Treehugger writes: Matt Smith, Heather Rally, Gavin Garrison, Justin Daly, Lamar Billups of the nonprofit Project Gulf Impact, marched along with Drew Landey and Cherri Foytlin, two prominent residents of the region whose lives were irrevocably changed by the spill, in order to draw attention to the ongoing plight of the Gulf. The activists walked 1,243 miles over 31 days to make it to the nation's capitol. Down To Earth posts


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