Gluten-Free Game Changer: The Nima Sensor

Does the experience below sound familiar to you? If it does, your life is about to change in a big way.


You have celiac disease (or another disease/medical condition that requires you to be gluten-free). Your friends invite you out to dinner, something that always induces some anxiety for you, but the establishment has a gluten free-menu. “Great,” you think to yourself and decide to give it a shot. Once you’re seated you ask the waiter for the gluten-free menu options, nervously assessing whether you can trust them or not. Anxious and stressed, you can barely enjoy the meal because all you can think about is what will happen if the food is not safe. What if the kitchen was in a rush? What if they don’t really understand what celiac is and think you’re just picky or a fad dieter?

Well, what would you say if I told you that there was a way to eliminate the guesswork here? Imagine you had a device that could actually test the food for gluten in two minutes or less, and I’m not talking about whipping out some cumbersome lab test, what if it was a design-conscious quick and easy tool? Small enough to fit in any purse, even a small clutch! That would be incredible wouldn’t it? You would actually have the power to eliminate so much of the worry of the scenario above and so many others like it. Well luckily for us, this type of empowerment is heading our way in the form of the Nima Sensor.

I had the immense privilege of witnessing the Nima Sensor in action last night and I have to say that I am blown away. Compact and aesthetically beautiful, this portable and sleek sensor is amazingly capable of testing food for gluten in less than two minutes. With startling accuracy the Nima Sensor is able to detect gluten in foods to 20 parts per million. If the food you are testing has 20ppm of gluten or more, a frowning face will appear and if the food is safe you will see a smiley face! Could it get any easier?!

What makes it even more incredible is that anyone with the Nima App is able to then share their results with the greater gluten-free community. This amazing tool puts the power back in our hands. Through it we gain an added level of information to arm ourselves with while eating out.

The Nima Sensor was developed by 6SensorLabs, a company whose core mission is to empower, instill confidence in, and bring the pleasure of eating out back to individuals with dietary restrictions. As someone who no longer eats out at restaurants that are not 100 percent gluten-free, I can’t begin to express my gratitude to 6SensorLabs and their team of truly incredible individuals. I look forward to seeing how this tool will shape the future of gluten-free living and I have no doubt that 6SensorLabs will continue to innovate within this space and change countless lives.

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