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One of our main objectives @ the Voice is to engage and energize our local economy with inspiration to collectively work together.

Here’s Charlie, a local Voice with Furnace Service Advice and an incentive to save money!

Save an immediate $ 25.00 off !

What do you get? A safer, better operating Furnace for the cooler months ahead and the knowledge that you’ve supported your local business owners.

Let’s hear more….from the front pages of Banner Furnace & Fuel:

Customers have been welcoming Banner Furnace & Fuel into their homes since 1924. Now we would like to invite you to learn more about our full service company because we want to be your Home Comfort Specialists!

"Hi Grace, All furnace manufactures recommend yearly service on heating equipment. We perform complete services on oil, gas, and electric furnaces and heat pumps. We check all safety controls, clean burners, lubricate motors, check electrical connections and replace air filters. The most important check we do is a inspection of the heat exchanger. We do a visual inspection for cracks or holes which could allow flue gases or carbon monoxide into the home. We also do a complete combustion analyzer check of all flue gases which gives us the efficiency of the furnace and also checks for carbon monoxide. This fall we also have a $ 25.00 dollar coupon to apply towards this service. If you have any questions please call. Thanks, Charlie Woodley, Banner Fuel of Spokane. Furnace Service Advice." Local Number: 509-535-7511

Thank You Charlie, for providing us @ the Voice with timely furnace service advice. Hopefully this winter, we will all have a safer more efficient furnace.

(? ) Are you a locally-owned company providing products and/or services to local renters and homeowners. Please send us your information, we’d like to put it on the Voice!

~Please provide helpful advice and an incentive to save $ in your submittal.

Send to:  [email protected]

Until the next Voice, Be Ever-GREEN & Ever-GROWING in our Beautiful Washington State!

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