Friday Quote: My letter to the organizers of the Spokane2Sandpoint relay race

Thanks for the email but I will be removing my name from your email list and will not be participating in the 2011 race. I found it appalling you stated there was little you could have done to prevent the accidents in last year's race- and I find it troubling you have no safety information in your emails. These roads are dangerous by design and participants need to be aware they are crossing a four lane highway – which no runner would (or should) ever have to cross. My group were the first responders to the Friday accident across Highway 2 near Colbert and I'm still haunted by the experience. It was after that incident, we learned the local Fire District was unaware of the Spokane2Sandpoint race –  with 1,300 participants covering these roads through the weekend, I find that hard to believe. I know in the case of Patricia A. Lambie, who was killed riding a bicycle in support by an impaired driver in the opposite direction, it could've been any of us, as you said, but that is a cop-out. I'm a bicycle advocate and advise against riding in the shoulder in the opposite direction and I saw a lot of "spotters" doing just that. This unsafe activity should not go uncorrected in the race. Down To Earth posts


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