Friday Quote: A Coal Miner's Son In His Own Words

Wrapping up this week all things coal related on the blog, I thought it fitting to step back and finish with this from Roger Philpot's A Coal Miner's Son In His Own Words

Image courtesy of Roger Philpot

Black lung was prevalent and most of the miners contracted this disease. Coal mining is dirty filthy job I saw my Father come home every day covered with coal dust. I made a vow that I would never go to a coal mines to work. Organized labor came into being, thanks to the United Mine Workers and John L. Lewis. This changed pay and mine conditions for the miner. Prior to the union, life was not easy. Folks had to "make do", which in my opinion made stronger and better people. This life did me no harm it made me a better person who appreciates what I have today, I am sure others who have experienced this life can give testament to that. I made this web site for those who have experienced this life and can appreciate what it means to be a coal miner's son or daughter.

Read the rest HERE. Thanks to Paul Haeder for the tip. 

Don't worry: I certainly won't stop talking about coal at DTE. Down To Earth posts


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