Feverish Avoidance

Feverish Avoidance

~4 sure-fire ways to achieve lower utility bills~

Cooling equipment is working really hard right now. Save money by helping out your cooling appliances.

Simple actions you can take today:

  1. Clean Filter Immediately.
  2. Wipe air registries for maximum air flow.
  3. Eastern window blinds stay closed in morning and open in afternoon.  Western window blinds stay open in morning and closed in afternoon.
  4. Feel around doors and windows for hot air penetration.  Seal with appropriate methods for a
  5. Tighter envelope.

Behavior modification = Cost Reduction, Tip-of-the-month:

Consider adjusting the setting to your thermostat up by just a degree or two every few days to challenge your comfort level.  The results will surprise you. 

 Not equipped with Central A/C ~ read last blog to make sure your moving in the right direction.  :}

 Got a tip to share, Don’t be shy…we all have a tongue to stick out.   

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