Dwellers in the path…

Yesterday, a Dear Friend of mine sent me a link on facebook to a video we hadn't yet
seen on network news stations. 
As the video played, I sat quietly in my office and solemnly watched my computer screen.
Amazed at the Natural Powers of Planet Earth and deeply sadden by the extraordinary developments playing out in Japan.
For a moment, a home is structurally in-place providing a solid shelter for a family. (Loved ones:  Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, Uncles, Aunts, Grand Mothers and Grand Fathers, Partners and Spouses) and the next moment its debris and is accumulated in mass amounts of violently flowing saltwater.  Local markets, grocery stores ~ gone.
I am not in solitude with my prayers.  I believe our thoughts and actions will matter.
As the Voice of Green Real Estate, I advocate Sustainability.  
Today’s Satellite images show the impact on us as “dwellers in the path” of the Powers
of  Planet Earth. Neighborhoods wiped out, communities completely vanished.
The other dramatic view currently underway is the images associated with the effects
That Man-Made Powers can have on Our Sustainability.

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