Atlanta Opening Its Own School Just For Queer Students

Atlanta Opening Its Own School Just For Queer Students

8 Tips for Making Pelvic Exams Easier for Trans Men

Pelvic exams, while incredibly important for sexual health, aren’t always comfortable or easy for trans men. Here are eight ways to work with your doctor to make pelvic exams better.

New ACA Page Helps Patients Find Trans-Friendly Health Insurance

Finding good health insurance sucks for everyone, but it sucks especially hard for trans people. The Department of Health and Human Services unveiled a new webpage this week specifically aimed at helping trans people find good coverage with good benefits under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

New School For LGBTQ Students To Open In Atlanta

A new school specifically for LGBTQ students will open in Atlanta this fall. The PRIDE School aims to prevent bullying, suicide and negative health problems (like unwanted pregnancy) by giving students a safe place to be themselves. With all the bullying we’ve heard about, we hope this works.

What’s The Mental Health Link Between Discrimination, Race And Sexual Orientation?

How do sexual orientation, discrimination and race intersect? A new study found that both racial discrimination and sexual orientation discrimination had negative mental health consequences, but only sexual orientation discrimination led to suicidal fantasies.

Sexual Orientation Change For Queer Mormons = Fail

A new study looked at the effects of psychotherapy to either understand, accept, or change sexual orientation for LGBQ (no T) current and past members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (a.k.a. the Mormon Church). The findings? Only four percent of people said change-oriented therapy affected their core same-sex attraction. A full 42 percent said it didn’t work and 37 percent said it was harmful. In contrast affirming therapies were often helpful.

Gay And Bi Men Better Than Straight Men Or Women At Telling Partners About STIs

Gay and bi men great at notifying partners about STIs, a new study found. Researchers looked at notifying sexual partners after finding an STI and found that 92% of gay and bi men, 83% of women and 76% of straight men told partners. The downside: gay and bi men had the most anonymous sexual partners, so they often had the greatest challenges finding anyone to notify.

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