Another Green Monday: Spokane City Council votes on Complete Streets tonight

Tonight's the night. After the Spokane Planning Commission voted unanimously to recommend adoption of the complete streets ordinance, Spokane City Council will vote at 6pm in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 808 W. Spokane Falls Boulevard.


The grassroots support of this ordinance is amazing with a wide variety of groups stepping up in the last several years to get us here – and support from people like you.

Couple rules if you're attending: The meeting starts at 6pm sharp and the sign-in sheet for testimony is turned over to the Council President around 6:3pm0. If you're there, be courteous. No hats or signs. No hand clapping. If you're testifying, try not to repeat what others have said – bring your own information and perspectives.

What's great about Complete Streets is that it lends itself to many postive perspectives. In the run-up to tonight, Futurewise sent around a petition in support of Complete Streets. Here's my perspective and what I submitted in the comments section:

Spokane has a tradition of having big holes to fill between our street standards and the Comprehensive Plan but now is the opportunity to close the gap. We need to make sure our streets offer connectivity for all users. hat's what a Complete Streets ordinance will accomplish. Down To Earth posts


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