Another Green Monday: Greensumption

It’s a strange thing when you find something from the past that’s every bit as relevant now as it was when it originated – it really makes you put time into perspective.  2007 seems like ages ago, and our world today is certainly a lot different than it was then, but some things never really change.  And that’s not always a good thing.  Take a look at the following post Bart Mihailovich and I wrote on November, 21, 2007 – exactly four years ago – on the old wordpress blog. The economy is worse, our environmental priorities less serious, and there’s probably better links to information on greenwashing, but aside from that – this post reads the same today as it did back then.

“There is a sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed.” – Ghandi

As a little kid, Thanksgiving meant three simple things, hanging out with cousins you didn’t get to see regularly, sitting at the kids table, having kid conversations, essentially living in our own kid world and knowing that leftover turkey in a sandwich would be lunch for about a week. Oh the good old days.

As a perceptive adult and a conscious consumer, Thanksgiving regretfully has taken on a whole new meaning. The week leading up to the big meal now breeds more cynicism than excitement. And sadly, it’s not even the week before anymore; it’s the whole month of November. The month where Thanksgiving becomes secondary to the corporate mega-event that is Christmas shopping. Thanksgiving is being burdened with a bad reputation simply by association with Christmas shopping, turning festive Americans into worrisome scrooges. It’s an all out turf war with Christmas wanting to have its cake and eat it too. Thanksgiving has become the opening act you must sit through before the headlining act takes the stage. Down To Earth posts


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