Another Green Monday: Are you a pedestrian?

Everybody is a pedestrian – at some point in your journey, whether walking several miles, a few blocks to the bus stop, or even to a parking space. And there’s a lot of movement afoot- pun intended – to make things better for pedestrians in Spokane. The Vulnerable Users bill, SB 5326, is up for Senate concurrence. The Traffic School Safety Education bill, HB 1129, awaits the Governor's signature, which includes a pedestrian (and bicycle) traffic safety curriculum in certain traffic schools and safety courses.  This week is the 13th annual Traffic Awareness and Pedestrian Safety Week in Spokane. Be on the look out for yellow and black signs with the phrases, “Neighbors Drive 25” and “Heed the Speed 30” as drivers are reminded to "slow down, obey speed limits, and become more aware of pedestrians.”

Given this momentum, not to mention current existing plans like a Master Bike Pan, it’s a logical next step the City Of Spokane is putting together a Pedestrian Master Plan.

According to the Planning Department, this will help to increase pedestrian safety and mobility, support a multimodal transportation system, and provide guidance on the best use of resources to implement pedestrian initiatives. Down To Earth posts


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