A Family-Friendly Spring Break Staycation

As your friends start cluttering their Facebook walls with Spring Break pictures, you don’t need to feel left out just because you couldn’t get out of town! No matter the location, all those pictures have the same thing in common: exuberant meals, exotic landscapes, silly looking cocktails, cute furry animals from the local zoo and maybe a coconut bra. And you can accomplish all that in your own town. Here’s how:

Kids playing with a dog
Photo: Microsoft Images Kids playing with a dog

Pet Shelter
It’s not quite a zoo, but your kids will love it even more. If you’ve been meaning to get your children a dog, Spring Break is the ideal time to do so. Your kids will be home for at least a week, meaning they can get accustomed to walking the dog, cleaning up after it, and being part of the potty training process if necessary. Not to mention, Spring time weather is perfect for potty training!

Microsoft images Popsicles

Make frozen treats
Find BPA-free popsicle molds. Get your favorite frozen fruits, organic juice and vanilla ice cream if you want a creamy variety and blend them all up. Fill the molds and stick them in the freezer for a couple hours. For the grown up variety, skip the popsicle molds and pour the blended contents over some rum for unique flavored daquiries.

Photo: Microsoft Images Hikers

Finally go there
Have a unique spot in your own town that you’ve toyed with the idea of visiting but always decided, “Forget it—it’s a whole day’s thing”? Take that day, now! Go visit the hiking trail that takes you to the top of town, or the nearby waterfalls, the explorable caves. Whatever your town has to offer, that you’ve always kicked yourself for never checking out, check it out now.

Farmer's Market
Photo: Microsoft Images Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s Market Buffet
Most vacations include a pretty impressive spread of food. Patronize your local Farmer’s Market and don’t just get the stuff you need. Ever notice how many exotic and innovative items there are there? Of course you have! But you pass them up because you ask yourself, “When am I going to use plum flavored honey sticks?” Get them now! Get all the funky foods you’ve always wanted to try there, and set up a home buffet. Your family will feel spoiled.

A beach vacation
If you struggle to stay away from errands, chores and regular, non-vacation, tasks, be a real tourist and book a room at a boutique beachside inn in your town. Or a cabin if you live in the mountains.

Apple and Strawberry Picking
It’s the season! Pack a picnic and drive to the nearest strawberry patch or apple orchard.


This is a great time to teach your kids the importance of volunteer work. It’s hard to get them into it after a long day of school. Also, if your kids have been complaining about not getting to go on a vacation like their friends, it might be a good dose of reality to get them to volunteer at a unity shop, a soup kitchen, or an organization that puts their life in perspective!

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