7 Common Questions about Changes at Planet Green

So, what’s happening? Is Planet Green going away?

PlanetGreen.com will remain online, while on television, Planet Green will become Destination America.

Will I still get PG on my TV?

Planet Green will continue to be available on television until the official launch of Destination America, which takes place on Memorial Day, Monday, May 28, 2012, though elements for Destination America may be seen on air as early as Thursday, May 24. After the switch, viewers will see Destination America in their program guide instead of Planet Green.

Why is this happening? Why not keep Planet Green on TV?

Planet Green was launched in the midst of an exciting environmental trend in the U.S. and what we found is that while consumers enjoy sharing information and best practices with other like-minded fans, they prefer to do that via online tools and social media.

Does Discovery not care about the environment? Where can we find environmental news and information moving forward?

While Planet Green won’t be on TV, Discovery outlets will continue to be a great source for news and information about important environmental issues. Planet Green’s sister site, TreeHugger.com remains the internet’s leading source for news and information related to environmentalism and sustainability. Discovery News is another great place to find similar information. Discovery also plans to continue to invest in environmental programming and initiatives, such as the epic series, Frozen Planet. And if you want to view past Planet Green content and videos, you can still access those on PlanetGreen.com and Planet Green’s YouTube channel.

What is Destination America?

Destination America is a network that celebrates the people, places and stories of the U.S. Original series will cover such diverse subjects as American food from Tex Mex to barbecue; American mysteries from Jesse James’ lost fortune to Area 51; America’s heroes from those who embody the values of our past to those who invent the technology of our future; as well as never before seen footage of America’s iconic landmarks, including Yellowstone National Park to the Everglade swamps. For more information about Destination America, please visit: destinationamerica.com

When will the network switch happen on my TV?

Destination America debuts on Memorial Day, Monday, May 28, 2012.

I’d like to purchase episodes from Planet Green shows. Where will those be available?

Some programs that aired on Planet Green will be available in iTunes under the show name.

Please contact viewer relations at http://extweb.discovery.com/viewerrelations with any comments and questions regarding Destination America.


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