10 Scary Ways Your Office Job Is Killing You

10 Scary Ways Your Office Job Is Killing You

By Kiarra Sylvester

Unless you’re lucky enough to find a job that you’re passionate about (most are passionate about money, not the work per se), then work is probably a drag for you.

My point? We shouldn’t make an already un-fun event, more detrimental than it need be — yet, it is. This career that takes up so much of your time and happiness, also has the potential to shorten your lifespan from horrible bosses to your constant use of the printers and fax machines.

But, we figure if you know some of the things that are shaving some time off your life … maybe (just maybe), we can avoid some of these behaviors and make an overall lifestyle change for the better.

1. Hot Devices Frying Your Sperm Yikes! Using a laptop? (Which, let’s be real, most are.) Setting a hot laptop on your lap, can cause issues with your skin. Even scarier, it has the ability to lower men’s sperm count. Maybe now is a good time to invest in a lap desk.

2. Bored To Death When boredom strikes, it doesn’t miss … it kills. No really, a study found that those who frequently complain of boredom are likely to die young; those who are bogged down by tedium are more likely to experience heart disease or stroke.

3. Bitchy Boss Does it seem like your boss is out for blood? Running you ragged? A study found that a bad boss increases the risk of heart disease.

4. Overexposure to Printers and Fax OK, so this one gets the side eye … but I’m just here to report it. If you aren’t changing out your photocopy filter regularly, you’re putting yourself and your office in danger of potentially fatal ozone; even the smallest amount can result in chest pain and irritation. Laser printers yield the same risk, additionally, toner particles can get in your lungs and bloodstream, leading to lung related ailments.

5. Sleep Deprived Working at all hours of the night, is linked to weight gain, diabetes, heart disease; not to mention cutting into your bed time by working over ten hours increases your risk for a variety of cardiovascular problems by 60 percent.

6. Skipping Breakfast How many times have we heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Yes? Well, hear it again! And, with us hitting snooze once or twice (or three times) and then rushing out to make it to the office, we don’t stop to make time for a nutritious first meal of the day. Or worse, we skip out on the meal and that sends your body into a state of stress and disrupts your metabolism.

Not eating breakfast increases the likelihood of high blood pressure, being overweight, and matters of the heart.

7. Eating Fast Food But you knew this already, right? Fast food is drenched in calories, Oxidized fat, and God knows what else, so eating out increases your risk of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

8. Staying On Your Ass It’s no secret that resting on your laurels isn’t the best for you, but doing it for eight hours a day is death (and not just because those office chairs are a pain in the ass, literally). New York Times reports that sitting all day doesn’t force us to use our bodies energy to it’s fullest potential, thus making it easier for you to put on weight. Not only does it increase your chances of obesity, but diabetes, heart disease, muscular skeletal disease, and cancer, as well.

9. Team Meetings Business Insider reports that forcing feelings of positivity actually has a negative impact, by “highlighting how unhappy they are” and leading them to be more depressed. What? As crazy as it sounds, it makes sense.

10. Keyboard Killers Not only are keyboards contributing to your risk of contracting E. Coli, and coliforms, but all that typing can cause carpal tunnel syndrome; carpal tunnel has the ability to damage nerves permanently.

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