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  • Mother Africa on Fire

    Mother Africa on Fire

    Central and Western Africa are experiencing a massive wildfire outbreak due in part to drought and our ever challenging climate anomalies. This is not only escalating an intense CO2 plum over Africa, it is also adding… Read more

  • The 15 Elements of True Compatibility

    The 15 Elements of True Compatibility

    Chemistry is often described as inner fireworks that go off when two people connect effortlessly. I hear people say, “I felt chemistry when we kissed,” as if it were something spontaneous. When I ask them… Read more

  • Doctors Motivating Patients

    Doctors Motivating Patients

    I recently read an article about the different ways in which doctors try to motivate their patients to engage in some sort of behavior modification. Different techniques were discussed that can be utilized to prod… Read more

  • 7 Ways to Unlock Your Greatness

    7 Ways to Unlock Your Greatness

    We are all born with an equal potential for greatness. There are no exceptions, yet most realize far below their potential. It is the small handful who rise to extraordinary heights and become legends in their own… Read more

  • Using Video To Heal

    Using Video To Heal

    Kate Milliken hard at work I had a visit last week from Kate Millikan, someone I have not really heard from in years – at least not since she moved to Arizona. I first met Kate when we were starting Read more

  • Dog Left Behind When Owners Moved Didn’t Even Look Like A Dog

    Dog Left Behind When Owners Moved Didn’t Even Look Like A Dog

    After her tenants left without notice, a landlord in New Hampshire went to investigate an abandoned apartment … and discovered what they had left behind. — This feed and its contents are the property of… Read more


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