• Recycling with style – Wed, 11 May 2011 PST

    For many, spring triggers a paradox within us – while we yearn to purge the clutter that has slowly crept into our closets and taken over our countertops during the dismally dark days of winter, we cannot resist snagging our Read more

  • Washington's recycling rate increases

    The Department of Ecology says that our state’s recycling rate increased to 49 percent last year. That is its highest rate ever. Pretty awesome especially since the nationwide average was 34 percent in 2010.   In the last few years, we've Read more

  • CFL disposal and recycling

    Compact Fluorescent Lamps have been gaining popularity due to incandescent bulbs being phased out, price decreases and their energy saving attributes – but disposing of the bulbs poses a challenge as CFL’s contain a small amount of an environmental nasty Read more

  • Recycling used engine oil

    Millions of gallons of used engine oil are dumped annually instead of recycled. Learn more about the importance of recycling used engine oil and how you can locate collection points in the USA, Canada, UK and Australia. Green living tips Read more