• Environmentally friendly banks

    A really green bank is one that goes way beyond using paper made with recycled content. A financial institution’s environmental street cred should also be gauged by its investments and which industries it loans money to. Green living tips Read more

  • Earth friendly mouthwash

    Some mouthwashes can contain nasty chemicals such as formaldehyde, sodium lauryl sulfate and polysorbate. What you don’t accidentally swallow, just winds up in the environment, in particular, waterways. Green living tips Read more

  • Eco Friendly Kids’ Shoes

    Made with organic cotton, canvas, rubber and other eco friendly materials, these kids’ shoes wear well. thedailygreen.com article feed Read more

  • Earth friendly oven cleaning

    Cleaning an oven is a rotten job and one I used to use heavy duty chemicals for. There are more environmentally friendly ways to tackle this task. Green living tips Read more