Why Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning is defined as cleaning to protect human health without harming the environment.

Why switch to a green cleaner?

We are all aware that chemicals and air pollution can have adverse health effects on our bodies, yet the very products and processes used to keep indoor environments clean may also contribute to indoor pollution.

Many commonly used cleaning products still contain toxic ingredients that can create fumes or leave residues that irritate our skin, eyes, noses and lungs and can cause headaches, dizziness and fatigue.

Switching to green cleaning supplies and services will not only assist your business to reduce its eco footprint on the planet,but can provide health benefits for your family, especially those with asthma, allergies, respiratory conditions, eczema and/or sensitive skin.

Green Planet Cleaning Services is proud to be part of the next generation in cleaning services, right here in Bay area. The time is right now for American businesses to make the switch to eco responsible cleaning.

“I use Green Cleaning because i care about my Family”

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    Green Planet Cleaning Services is awesome! I have terrible allergies and I noticed such an improvement in my allergies since they started cleaning my house. I never realized how much I was affected by non-green cleaning products until I noticed the difference with Green Planet Cleaning Services.

    Thereza M,
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    Last week green planet came to my home and i specified everything that i need done and my concern with non green products. Marcos was really professional and he explained everything about their products and how their company differ from the others.

    Lauren S,
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    I will never forget the first day i met green planet team. They were so friendly and they did an incredible job. they exceeded my expectations of cleaning. They can use me as a reference anytime ! thank you for your great work.

    Christian D,
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    I think they are the only company in marin that truly use natural products. I had used couple companies before which said they used green products but they didnt. Green Planet team is very professional and worth the price. Thank you

    Jennifer Delgado,
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    This company has worked for me for a long time and i couldnt be more greatful to them. When they started working in my house everything was a mess. I cant wait to see them every week in my house. The products they use are so good and smells fresh , making my home a better place to live. I cant rate this company enough.

    Andrew Smith,