Local Builders Share Comments about the Home Show

Local Builders Share their Comments about the Home Show.


Sparked by interest in rising energy costs and heightened environmental awareness, over 2,500 attendees toured Six Built-Green Certified Homes in the River District.  All attendees expressed a desire to save money and improve the performance of their homes.  Everyone was impressed by the diversity featuring a mix of Eco-Chic architecture and Traditional Craftsman.


The Public consensus oozed comfort, affordability and performance.  Everyone wants a home to be more efficient.  Using less energy and water resources.  There was a majority of people that expressed an interest in learning more about Solar Energy Production and how that works with the connection to the local utility grid. Photovoltaic solar panels, passive natural lighting, higher performing appliances and better air quality was the talk of the show.


Here are the Comments shared by the Local Builders about the Home Show:


“The people who attended the show were great.  They were asking questions and were really interested in what ‘green’ was.  Also, we received some really positive leads from it.”  Brent Peterson of Brent Peterson Construction (Showcase Builder of the 5 Star Jade.)


“From the comments I heard at the show, there was great diversity in the homes shown but all had the green features consumers were looking for.”  Tim Ayers of Builders Etc. (Showcase Builder of the 3 Star Stella.)


“As a new builder to the Built Green Program, we found we were already doing many of the items on the checklist, bit it was great to have a program that pushed us to be even more efficient and sustainable for the show.”  Tim Ayers of Builders Etc.


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Who doesn’t like to look at new homes, pick up a few good ideas and decorating tips. Get out your calendar and mark down the upcoming dates: Sept. 24-26 and Oct. 1-3.  Fall Festival of Homes.  Last year the scattered site home show had 7 Certified Built Green homes represented.


Next week, we are going to look closer at some new GREEN Homes with Roof Gardens and Rainwater Collection.  Got a suggestion for the GREEN Voice of Real Estate, send me an email; [email protected]



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