Here are some of the Frequent Asked Questions that we hear from our customers.

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What make Green Planet Cleaning Services different from other companies?

We are a 100% Green, Licensed and Insured company that for many years have offered reliable service for our customers. Our cleaning services are thorough, consistent and customized. We can work on your budget and follow instructions within your needs.

We are very worried with Organization and Hygiene:

Our team members make sure that while they are cleaning, they will also organize your home and put it back the way you want it to be.

We understand that hygiene is a important fact about home cleaning and keeping a germ free environment is one of our major concerns. And that’s why we use different colors of microfiber rags to clean the restrooms areas from the other places.

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What are your rates?

Our price is customized for each client. Our many years of expertise in professional cleaning helped us understand that each customer is unique and need a different type of service. We work with a flat rate fee customized for each client. To help us understand about your needs, we will offer a Free Estimate at your place or you can try our web Price Estimator.

You can also contact us at 1(415) 895-0996.

Do you bring your own equipment, supplies and cleaning products?

Green Planet Cleaning Services team arrive equipped with basic cleaning products, although we require that you have basic cleaning tools in your home such as a broom and dust pan, a sponge, a toilet bowl brush, a step stool and garbage bags.If you would like us to use your own products , we will be more than happy to.

What should I do before the crew arrive at my place?

To help us provide a better service to you, we ask our customers to pickup clothing, toys, put dishes away and any other household item that you think will be on our way.

How many people will I have cleaning my place?

You will have two uniformed people cleaning your place – a team leader and a team member. Rarely  you will have three people or one person depending on the size of your place. It will most of the times occur when it is an emergency/same day cleaning that you need done or if you have a small place that can be done thoroughly with just one person. Our company staff understand that you care about your place privacy and we will do our best to work something that will satisfy your needs.

If I choose to have a long term service will the same people come to my house?

We will do our best to ensure the same people are at your place every time. At least one of the two people that regularly cleans your place will be there.


Do I need to be home during the cleaning?

No, Most of our customers are not at home during the cleaning and they trust us with their keys. The majority of our customers even prefer not to be home so we can provide a better service.

What time will the crew be at my home?

If you have a long term services with us and you need a specific time for the crew to arrive, we would recommend that you choose first thing in the morning or in the end of the day. Our company don’t guarantee the exact time to arrive at your place because we may encounter things that can delay our time (traffic, a customer that need an extra cleaning,etc). When we schedule the cleaning we ask our customers to give at least a one hour frame for our team arrive.

What if I need to reeschedule my cleaning appointment?

Green Planet Cleaning Services staff will find another day to reschedule your cleaning appointment. Please call 24hr before scheduled time with a better day/time for your cleaning schedule.

How do I pay for the cleaning services?

Payment are due on the day of the scheduled service. When you start using our services you will need to register with your payment info at our Customer Account page. We will bill you automatically after the job is completed.

Please note that our website is totally secured with our Sitelock security system.

How can I ensure that my house is secure with the crew?

Our team members are trained and insured. They will arrive uniformed at your home and ready to provide the best services to you. Our crew team will always respect you and  will never smoke or drink at your place. Every person that works with Green Planet Cleaning Services receive a training before start working at your place.

  • apartment-interior-design-where-oldness-mixed-with-modernism-2-554x365

    Green Planet Cleaning Services is awesome! I have terrible allergies and I noticed such an improvement in my allergies since they started cleaning my house. I never realized how much I was affected by non-green cleaning products until I noticed the difference with Green Planet Cleaning Services.

    Thereza M,
  • comfy-seven-room-aparment-design-on-150-square-meters-20-554x368  

    Last week green planet came to my home and i specified everything that i need done and my concern with non green products. Marcos was really professional and he explained everything about their products and how their company differ from the others.

    Lauren S,
  • comfy-seven-room-aparment-design-on-150-square-meters-4-554x372

    I will never forget the first day i met green planet team. They were so friendly and they did an incredible job. they exceeded my expectations of cleaning. They can use me as a reference anytime ! thank you for your great work.

    Christian D,
  • 31-meter-studio-apartment-with-high-ceiling-and-comfy-interior-1-554x368

    I think they are the only company in marin that truly use natural products. I had used couple companies before which said they used green products but they didnt. Green Planet team is very professional and worth the price. Thank you

    Jennifer Delgado,
  • calm-and-simple-beach-house-interior-design-2-554x362

    This company has worked for me for a long time and i couldnt be more greatful to them. When they started working in my house everything was a mess. I cant wait to see them every week in my house. The products they use are so good and smells fresh , making my home a better place to live. I cant rate this company enough.

    Andrew Smith,