Cat Endures 8-Mile Ride Stuck In Car Bumper, Walks Away Like It’s NBD

Cat Endures 8-Mile Ride Stuck In Car Bumper, Walks Away Like It’s NBD

Gnocchi had one hell of a ride, but thankfully is now absolutely fine.

The lynx point Siamese cat survived a terrifying 8-mile drive through the suburbs of San Diego on Wednesday– while trapped inside a car’s bumper.

He hovered just inches above the roadway during the harrowing journey.

According to the County of San Diego Department of Animal Services, he’d curled up inside a vehicle parked near his home in Santee. The car’s owner then went for a drive, completely oblivious to the animal’s presence.

As she drove in Grantville, bystanders spotted Gnocchi partially hanging out of the bumper. They flagged the driver down and used a crowbar to set Gnocchi free.

“Amazingly, the cat is fine!” the department wrote on Facebook. Gnocchi is microchipped and was reunited with his owners on Friday.

County Animal Services deputy director Daniel DeSousa reminded car owners that animals can become trapped inside, and issued advice on how to avoid similar incidents from happening.

“If you park your car outside, tap the hood of the car or tap your horn lightly to alert any animals that might be looking for warmth from your car’s engine,” he told the San Diego County News Center. “Tapping will scare them and they’ll run off.”

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