7 Psychological Equations to Empower Your Life and Mind

7 Psychological Equations to Empower Your Life and Mind

You can either be at the effect (powerless) of your life or act as the cause (in power) of it. Your internal belief system about yourself and how you envision your life is the most important predictor of your success or failure. In order to train yourself to be geared towards what you envision you must undergo the emotional analysis necessary to build a sound presence of mind which is resilient to stress, change and uncertainty.

1. Introspection + Observation= Emotional Awareness.

To create a life you love, consistently analyze and measure your own thoughts and emotions to develop self-awareness. This empowers you to rely exclusively on the observation of your own mental state to succeed in life, love, work and relationships.

To be introspective means to look inside. To observe is the act of taking an existential view of yourself in an effort to know how to better function at your optimal levels of happiness in life, love and business. This type of self-analysis eliminates the interference of the more immature emotions which make you fall victim to being reactive, fearful, impulsive or indecisive.

Self-awareness creates the brave and admirable quality of being able to think independently. To be happy and live a life you love you must learn not to be afraid to be different, but rather, embrace the uniqueness of your mind, the radicalness of your ideas, and your ability to reason through change, both positive and negative.

2. Focus + Commitment= Advancement.

Focus is measured by the ability to shut out distractions and place emphasis on what needs to be done to progress forward. Commitment is a measure of focus. Commitment allows you to put the goals you are focused on into meaningful action without wavering in your intention.

Work performed deliberately, consciously and intentionally with a laser-like focus is summed up in the result of knowing how to advance your life in a positive and uplifting direction. There is nothing lazy or unclear about a person who is driven with intentions which are followed up with action.

Advancement is achieved by becoming alert to each and every move and decision made in the achievement of your life goals and life purpose in a calculated fashion.

3. Honesty + Competence = Good Reputation.

Honesty is a measure of integrity to do what you say you are going to do, when you say you are going to do it and to follow through on any delays or quicker advancements by informing all involved. In other words, false information is never given as it destroys the integrity of your life equation.

Competency is a measure of your capability and proficiency in your everyday dealings with others, and how your “know-how” is executed through subsequent action in a reliable way.

When honesty and competency are paired you naturally develop a solid reputation. Because word of mouth is everything in life there is nothing which can supersede a great reputation. Those who are happy and successful understand that reputation holds tremendous value.

To live a fulfilling and satisfying life with a sense of balance you must embrace the idea that you are your most important product.

4. Grace + Strategy = Solutions.

Grace is a measure of staying calm under pressure. It is that fixed state of mind which seemingly carries you effortlessly through life’s problems, obstacles and difficult communications in your relationships. It is that quality that when your life is in a really sweet place and things are flowing effortlessly, you show no ego.

Strategy is a measure of how you get to those higher aims in your life and relationships under the umbrella of uncertainty. Intelligent strategies must be attuned to patterns of behavior and known ways to achieve what you want.

Desperation kills strategy and eliminates solutions. When you have the mind to approach uncertainty with grace and an awareness of what actions need to be applied to gain solid ground, solutions and success are your result.

5. Belief + Action= Fearlessness.

A sound mind comes from believing in yourself, in your purpose and in your ability to complete what you start. Belief is similar to commitment in that belief alleviates all meandering.

Firm belief is the great manager of the psychological enemies of doubt and delay. The only time to delay in your life is when delay is used as a strategy to obtain a desired goal, and in that case delay would be a measure of patience. When delay is coming from doubt it is deadly to your ability to live your life to the fullest.

There is no result without action. Action can be summed up as the courage to create measurable movement towards a goal. It is the outward expression of your belief. Therefore, for actions to be clear beliefs must be strong. This is fearlessness.

Fearlessness in life is your greatest asset.

6. Attention + This Moment= Mindfulness.

To live a life you love bring your full attention to all the moments, situations and circumstances which you encounter. Be present. To be the cause of your life you must give attention to listening, observing and to the gathering of all pertinent information before forming opinions or making decisions.

All parts of a well lived life require your attention, and to be great you must have the presence of mind to never leave any important part of your life neglected.

This moment, the now moment, is the moment you have to maximize. To be the cause of your destiny, have the presence of mind to understand that what happens now determines what happens tomorrow. With focused attention to the present moment you create the impermeable psychological mindset of being aware and present to all aspects of your life.

When fully present, you are nearly unstoppable.

7. People skills + Knowledge= Leadership.

At its core, a happily lived life is all about having a purpose and cultivating important and loving relationships. To live successfully, master the art of charting your own path, while being open to listening and developing relationships which are mutually beneficial and based in integrity. Further, to live your life effectively strive to be someone others are inspired to follow.

To have a sound mind become abundantly knowledgeable about yourself and your own personal development. Know where your strengths and weaknesses are and nurture both. Never hold the belief you know enough. For you to be the cause of living your life well, understand there is no such thing as “enough” knowledge. Knowledge is power. With knowledge you become wise to every nuance of who you are which makes you a healthier person to be in a relationship with.

Knowledge coupled with proficient people skills builds you into the unrelenting and inspiring leader of your own life. This allows you the opportunity to have an impact on all those you touch. There is nothing more important in life than having a positive impact on others.

Cultivating a strong presence of mind is the sum total of knowing your emotional controls, being wise to the limits of your of your perception and knowing the necessary emotional metrics for assessing the stability of your internal world and how it impacts your approach to life, love, business and relationships. A strong mind and living a happy and fulfilling life are nurtured through self-reflection, self-development and personal growth.

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